Our Buisness

The name EXTOLE is derived from the focus of the business, Experts To Leaders. We specialise in supporting businesses in identifying, selecting and developing experts into leaders through the use of psychometric assessments, coaching, training and consulting.


Increasingly we are working with leaders and their teams to help them cope with change, improve communication and engagement and realise the potential that exists within the team.

As well as Rob Allen, the Founder and Head Coach, EXTOLE has is a small group of associates. To ensure consistency of quality and approach all the associates are qualified Co-Active Coaches and use the Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) methodologies on relevant Team based assignments. Prior to becoming coaches they have all held senior positions in organisations almost exclusively in the Financial Services sector.

In terms of geographic reach, in addition to London & Budapest we have presence in the North of England and can support virtual assignments worldwide.