Services for coaches and organisations

If you would like to use any of the assessments we offer in your coaching practice or organisation we can administer these on you behalf and provide you with the reports and feedback services you

For coaches we will administer the required assessment (Eqi or Hogan) and then lead the feedback session with your client with you present (these sessions can be run effectively via video conferencing as well as face to face). During the feedback session you and your client will receive copies of the report and we will work with you to identify and agree development objectives and appropriate action plans which you can work on together with your client in your regular coaching sessions.  If further questions or clarification are required after the feedback session we will be available for follow-up input.

If your organisation would like to use EQi 2.0 or Hogan for selection, talent identification, personal or team development purposes we can be your outsourced administrator providing you with a flexible and tailored service. Using our resources is not only cost effective but also means your assessments are independently carried out by experts in the use of these tools.