Dogs have boundless enthusiasm but no sense of shame. I should have a dog as a life coach.- Moby

In addition to our Corporate work we also take on a small number of personal coaching assignments and undertake some pro-bono or low fee work for charities and non-profit organisations.

The personal clients we work with tend to be similar to our Executive Coaching clients but come to us directly either because their organisation is not willing to sponsor their coaching or because they do not want people to know they have a coach. In the latter case this is frequently because they are unsatisfied with their current position and are considering a major career or life change. Fees for personal coaching can be less than half of those we charge our corporate customers if the client is willing to visit us or use Skype / phone coaching.

As we believe coaching is such a useful and powerful process, as part of our corporate and social responsibility commitments, we provide some pro-bono or below cost coaching organisations or causes that resonate with us. We are proud to provide our services to the Americorps Promise Fellows via a programme run by “BE above leadership”.  On this programme we coach young people, typically just out of University, who are providing educational support to underprivileged children. As these young people are potential leaders of the future this programme sits well with our expertise and interests.

If you represent a charity or non-profit organisation which could benefit from some limited pro-bono or low cost coaching and whose ideals and values you feel are aligned with ours; please contact Rob Allen to see if we can help.